Author of books. Mother of girls. Wife of triathlete accountant.

Recently I’ve added the title of DIY-er to this list as I renovate the fixer-upper that my husband and I bought because it’s two miles from the beach. Turns out, I really enjoy creating new surroundings. So, in a life-changing shift, I decided to drop my day job and do what I enjoy most – creating art and making cool home spaces. I’ve heard all my life, “Sunny could make that,” so now is the time to try!

Join me as I record my progress and show you what I’ve learned along the way!

Nothing is more fun and fulfilling than making something pretty where before there was only something blah. I’ve always assumed I had a little artistic talent but that basically anyone could do what I do. I’m just really good at Pinterest! 😂 But maybe I DO have ideas and tricks and supply-shopping hacks that could help other people tackle DIY projects that aren’t as impossible as they may think – sometimes we just have to roll up our sleeves and get messy.

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