Acrylic Print – FISHY FISH

$30.00$110.00 (+ shipping)


“Fishy Fish” started as a photo of fish swimming in an aquarium. Now with bold poly art effects, this artwork is a fun aquatic play of browns, blues, greens, and lively yellow fish.

From the “Fishy Fish” Collection.

Acrylic Art Print Description

  • Acrylic prints are light, shatterproof, and resist temperature changes. The photography print is enhanced and intensified by the acrylic.
  • Crystal clear 4mm acrylic.
  • Straight cut corners.
  • Includes hanging kit with screws.
  • Shipped with a protective film to be removed before hanging.
  • Easy to hang even in large sizes, won’t shatter like glass if it ever falls down, and is easy to maintain. Simply dust it off or use a damp soft cloth for cleaning.
Estimated production time is 2-4 days. Estimated shipping time is 1-4 days.


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