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Sunshine Connor

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Author of books. Mother of girls. Wife of triathlete accountant.

Recently, I’ve officially added the title of DIY-er to this list as I renovate the fixer-upper that my husband and I bought because it’s two miles from the beach. I’ve always enjoyed creating whimsical and comfortable surroundings, so in a life-changing shift, I decided to drop my day job and really commit to the DIY life! Now I spend my days creating home spaces and writing about my projects so that others can learn to do the same for themselves. (Psst. DIY projects are not as hard as they seem at first!)

I’ve heard all my life, “Sunny could make that,” so now is the time to make a business out of my most-enjoyed hobby – making cool stuff. I love taking ordinary pictures of nature or creatures – or even my own paintings! – and playing with them until they’re something artistic and beautiful to display. And I’m not limiting my artwork to walls – my designs are also available on home décor items like blankets, pillows, rugs, and more. Because as much as I love designing a room and building with power tools, I am NOT good at sewing and have to make my pillows and accent décor somehow else! LOL

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