Decorative “Mosaic” Bowls

At the risk of spoiling Christmas gifts, here’s how I took plain bowls and decorated them. This was a pretty easy and fun way to make gifts for people, so here’s a Christmas gift idea if you’re looking! I first heard that you could decorate these bowls using markers, but I experimented and didn’t really…

Saving Junk Furniture

I’ve always loved taking hand-me-down, “junk” furniture and turning it into something new and cool. Many of my earliest DIY projects (if that’s what they were called in the 90s), involved taking old dressers or tables or nightstands and painting them in fun and unique ways so that they had a second life. This is…

Easy Spice Cupboard Shelves

Is it turmeric? Is it nutmeg? It’s hard to see! (There’s a story there about a time I very, very incorrectly made ginger ale floats… 😆) Yesterday, I discovered that we’d bought TWO huge containers of chili powder because we hadn’t seen the one we already had buried behind other spice jars. This was my…

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