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Quick and Easy Stair Makeover

I hate my parents’ stairs to their basement. The house is only 3ish years old but these stairs have scuff marks everywhere, they were clearly constructed in a rush, and of course my parents opted for cheap leftover materials to cover the treads. No two stairs are exactly the same size. Plus, to hide the […]

Kid Craft – Our Take on Rainbows

It’s finally Spring! Well, of course as I write this it’s back to the high 40s and rainy, but I’ll take it because it means we’re inching out of winter. In our house, two little girls are eager to get outside and enjoy their sandbox. I’m eager to get on with bigger projects that require […]

DIY Hanging Office Drawer

I have more posts coming about how I redid our home office, but I just finished this last piece of the puzzle and thought I’d share it right away. Our custom office desk has a lot of open shelving and tabletop space, but there are always those office supplies you want tucked away – pens, […]

Painting Picture Frames with Fire and Unicorn Spit

Some projects take longer to explain than to do, so I made a video of this project to show how I did it. That’s over on my YouTube channel for those of you who want a more visual tutorial. But for my blog, here’s a step-by-step of how I turned plain wooden picture frames into […]

Easy-to-Reach Measuring Cup and Spoon Organizer

I’m short. Or at least that’s what my husband likes to tell me whenever I can’t reach something in our upper cabinets. And reaching to the back of corner upper cabinets? Forget about it. A second common kitchen problem is never being about to easily find the right measuring cup or spoon when you’re in […]


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