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DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier for a Recessed Light

Ever shop for decor, find something you love, suck in your breath when you see the price, then immediately try to figure out how to make it yourself? If so, you are my people. Enter a $400 flush-mounted capiz shell chandelier that I saw online. I’m already over budget on this bathroom reno, so, uh, […]

How to Upgrade a 1990s Light Fixture for under $100

Hollywood lights, am I right?! While I’m sure they must’ve seemed like a great idea for nearly every home in the 90s, now they’re just dated and blah. Have you seen the hundreds of cool light fixture designs out now?! OF COURSE I wanted to change out our bathroom’s Hollywood lights for something new and […]

Adding Wall Texture Art

Last post, I showed how I made the slide-away mirror cabinet in our bathroom. Many people asked how I did the walls, so here ya go! Early in the bathroom reno process, I realized our walls were going to need a little love. The giant mirror that I popped off the wall had gobs of […]

Between-Studs Storage WITHOUT Complicated Woodworking

When comparing our first house to this house, it was quickly noticeable that we have twice as much room but about half the storage, and that was especially true of our bathroom. So, I had to come up with a few ways to add storage in my bathroom remodel design. One of these ways to […]

DIY Framed Stay-on-the-Wall Art

When last we left Sunny’s DIY home renovation, I’d shared with you my new hallway floor and mentioned that I was trying to figure out what to put on the walls. I REALLY like what I came up with, and it only took me an afternoon! A lot of people suggested letting my kids draw […]


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