Custom Shelf Storage

8,571. That’s how many blankets we have. Approximately. Maybe not quite, but it feels like it. Our first house was half the size but had twice as much storage as our current home, and that has presented some storage challenges. As far as linen closets go, we have ONE little closet in our upstairs hall.…

Custom Turntable for Craft Supplies

To say our girls love art is a huge understatement. To say they make a mess is an even bigger understatement. I’d initially planned to make their art space in our basement, but I don’t want to kick them out of our kitchen/living room (where all the action is). It’s their house too, after all.…

Floating Frame Fall Art

Confession: I still had my Spring decorations up until about an hour ago. 😆 But now that summer is cooling and there’s pumpkin spice in the air, I decided it was time to move away from bright flowers and put up some seasonally appropriate décor. Our front door in particular has been naked and in…

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