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How to Skip an Entry Rug

See that word “rug” in my title? Remember what our cat does to them? Here’s yet another house project that had to be completed due to Lucky having no respect for floor coverings. And I thought I was safe this time, people! We had a big entry mat that was rubbery and patterned with gaps […]

From Awful Pantry to Awesome Bar Nook

It’s been a year now since I started this DIY blog. And looking around at our house since we moved in… Wow, I’ve done a lot. It’s hard for me to not see everything I haven’t done yet, but if I slow down I can appreciate what I’ve been able to do so far. Which […]

TV on the wall? Add a Faux Planter Mantle – With Storage!

Projects snowball around here. While remodeling our master bathroom, we realized our old door was a problem because it would swing right into our future glass shower door. We have 2 small children – no doorstop in the world was going to save that glass. Instead, I briefly thought about doing a pocket door before […]

DIY Countertops

There are hundreds of YouTube videos on how to use epoxy to make countertops – I’ve watched many of them – and I know a lot can go wrong and it seems intimidating. But, now that it’s been well over a year since I did my kitchen and powder room vanity, I can say with […]

DIY Capiz Shell Chandelier for a Recessed Light

Ever shop for decor, find something you love, suck in your breath when you see the price, then immediately try to figure out how to make it yourself? If so, you are my people. Enter a $400 flush-mounted capiz shell chandelier that I saw online. I’m already over budget on this bathroom reno, so, uh, […]


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