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Wooden “Bedskirt” with Under-Bed Storage

Ever shrink a comforter to the point it doesn’t cover much of your bed anymore? I somehow did that. Combine this with our inability to keep a bedskirt on, and we’ve got a fairly unattractive view of our box springs, metal bed frame, and the junk under our bed.

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TV on the wall? Add a Faux Planter Mantle – With Storage!

Projects snowball around here. While remodeling our master bathroom, we realized our old door was a problem because it would swing right into our future glass shower door. We have 2 small children – no doorstop in the world was going to save that glass. Instead, I briefly thought about doing a pocket door before deciding that it would be too much work on top of everything else I was doing. That left the option of a sliding/barn door, and this is what we went with.

I know, I know. Barn doors and bathrooms are generally not a great combination (less privacy). However, since this is our master bathroom and we’re the only ones who use it… Oh, well. And it works great to give extra room in the bathroom without having a swinging door involved. Plus, it gave me a reason to revamp our bedroom since I’d have to make a new door, so why not do the whole room? 😜

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