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DIY Serving Trays with cabinet doors, paint, balloons, and a hairdryer

For this year’s Christmas presents for the women in our family, I finally found a use for my giant stack of old cabinet doors. I’d tested out my general plan by making a tub tray for myself, and now I was ready to tackle the project of making 7 serving trays! If you have a bunch of Shaker cabinet doors lying around, this is a great use for them. Or, I’ve heard people can go to a Habitat for Humanity Restore and find rehab-able Shaker doors. (Shaker doors are VERY popular and easy to find online for pretty cheap too.)

Anyway, here are a few different ways I made the art for each tray, plus how I did the surrounding wood and hardware for them all.

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Adding Wall Texture Art

Last post, I showed how I made the slide-away mirror cabinet in our bathroom. Many people asked how I did the walls, so here ya go!

Early in the bathroom reno process, I realized our walls were going to need a little love. The giant mirror that I popped off the wall had gobs of silicone that pulled off the drywall. Behind our tub insert had NO drywall to even start. Yikes.

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Faux Stained Glass for Windows or Cabinet Doors

My Catholic husband always rolls his eyes at me when we visit a church and I “ooh” and “ahh” over the stained glass windows. I, the Protestant, did not grow up with regular exposure to these beautiful works of art and therefore usually growl at him. Anyway…they’re so pretty!

I’ve seen many DIY stained glass projects on Pinterest that are also gorgeous. Since DIY is kind of my thing, you’d think I’d give it a go, right? The only problem is that I’m accident-prone and I know myself well enough to avoid working with glass. My mother was SUPER into the idea of making stained glass at one point, and for a birthday gift we got her all the tools and supplies to make her own. Since she she got over that potential hobby about a week later and never used the stuff, I even have supplies available should I ever decide to take the plunge. But for now, I’m:

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